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Share your ART.
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Share your ART. Self-explanatory.

Please make your first entry with this format:

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Make sure all of the pictures you post are under a cut.
Respect everyone.
3d, acrylic, acting, adobe, animation, art, art books, art history, art stamp, art stamps, artbooks, artistic people, artists, artstamps, artwork, artworks, authors, beauty, black ink, calligraphy, cameras, cartoons, chalk, charcoal, collage, color, colored pencil, colored pencils, coloring, comics, costumes, creative, creativity, cutting, design, designs, digital art, digital cameras, doodling, doodlings, drawing, dreams, emulsion transfers, everything else, experimental art, fabric painting, fear, felt, figure drawing, figure painting, film, fine art, flash, food, glass, glitter, glue, glue sticks, graphic arts, graphic design, graphics, guerilla art, honesty, human form, ideas, images, imagination, ink, insanity, inspiration, lame parties, lettering, letters, life, literature, love, lyrics, mailed art, make-up, markers, matting, media, mixed media, mod podge, molding, music, musicians, nature, nonconformism, nonconformists, oil, open-mindedness, paint, painters, painting, paints, paintshop, paper, passion, pasting, people, photocopy, photographs, photography, photoshop, phrases, pictures, piercings, poem, poems, poet, poetry, polaroid, polaroid prints, polaroids, portrait, portraits, post cards, postmodernism, prints, random, rendering, rubber stamping, scissors, screen printing, sculpture, scuplting, sex, shading, sharpies, singing, sketching, sound, stamps, staples, stickers, still-life, studio, tattoo art, theater, tracing, verse, visual, watercolor, web design, words, writers, writing, xerox, you